Users Ultra [Blind SQL injection]


One can perform an SQL injection attack simply by exploiting the following WP ajax actions:

  1. edit_video
  2. delete_photo
  3. delete_gallery
  4. delete_video
  5. reload_photos
  6. edit_gallery
  7. edit_gallery_confirm
  8. edit_photo
  9. edit_photo_confirm
  10. edit_video_confirm
  11. set_as_main_photo
  12. sort_photo_list
  13. sort_gallery_list
  14. reload_videos

POST parameters that are exploitable in each action respectively:

  1. video_id
  2. photo_id
  3. gal_id
  4. video_id
  5. gal_id
  6. gal_id
  7. gal_id
  8. photo_id
  9. photo_id
  10. video_id
  11. photo_id, gal_id
  12. order
  13. order
  14. video_id

In case #7 a user can also change the gallery name, description and visibility by setting POST parameters gal_name, gal_desc and gal_visibility respectively.

In case #8 photo_id is first casted to integer and a query to DB is performed. If results are returned then for each result a new query is performed without casting the photo_id to integer. So if an attacker knows a valid video id then it can perform the attack in the second query. This achievable because `

In case #9 a user can also change the photo name, description, tags and category by setting POST parameters photo_name, photo_desc, photo_tags and photo_category respectively.

In case #10 a user can also change the video name, unique id and type by setting POST parameters video_name, video_unique_id and video_type respectively.

Because function wpdb::get_results() and wpdb::query() are in use here, only one SQL statement can be made per request. This holds severity of the attack low. In addition all actions are privileged so the user must have an active account in vulnerable website, in order to perform the attack.


Send a post request to with data: action=edit_video&video_id=1 and sleep(5)


Upgrade to version 1.5.63